Non GMO Feed Product Information

The Mill at Hugelland Non GMO Feed

Two Choices for Hügelland Non-GMO, Soy-Free Feed

Essential Nutrition 

Our Essential Line of Non GMO feed is a high-quality, nutritionally balanced feed.  All Essential rations are Soy-Free, Corn-Free and Non GMO. Designed for the budget-conscious customer, this feed contains essential nutrition at an affordable price. 

Poultry - Chicken Feed

  • Starter
  • Grower
  • Layer


  • Dairy and Meat 


Premium Nutrition 

Our Premium Line of Feed is high quality, high-performance and designed for the customer who demands the very best and most nutritional feed available. All Premium rations are Non GMO, Soy-Free and include premium ingredients as well as the highest vitamin and mineral profile available. 


  • Grower 
  •  Finisher
  •  Sow 

 Cattle - Livestock Feed

  • Cattle Fattener
  •  Dairy Cow 

 Poultry - Chicken Feed

  • Starter
  • Grower
  •  Layer
  •  Finisher
  •  Game Bird/Turkey
  •  Hen Scratch 

Sheep - Specially Formulated for the nutritional needs of Sheep 

Goat - Specially formulated for the nutritional needs of Dairy & Meat goats

Horse, All Stock, Wildlife Attractant 

Fish Food - Coming Soon!