Texas Hill Country at Hugelland Non GMO Feed

Welcome to Hügelland Feed Inc. A Non GMO Feed Mill

Welcome to Hügelland Feed Inc. A Non GMO Feed Mill

Welcome to Hügelland Feed Inc. A Non GMO Feed MillWelcome to Hügelland Feed Inc. A Non GMO Feed MillWelcome to Hügelland Feed Inc. A Non GMO Feed Mill

About Us

Hugelland Non GMO Feed located in the Texas Hill Country.

Our Story

Hügelland (pronounced HI-gull-land) means "Hill Country" in German. We offer all natural, SOY FREE, high quality Non GMO feed to retail stores, farms, ranches and distributors serving the state of Texas. We hand pick our ingredients and perform Non GMO testing to make sure that any grains we use are not genetically modified. Most of the grains we use are grown right here in Texas by farmers we know. You can be sure that you are getting the best ingredients possible, because we strive to know where each grain comes from.  

Our mill facility is dedicated to making livestock feed and chicken feed that does not contain GMOs. We do not mix any other products containing GMOs or allow any genetically modified grains to enter our facility. We are not a broker and do not use a co-packer or have our feed mixed at another facility. We mix and bag all the feed ourselves in our mill. We inspect every bag before it is sold. 

We offer a full line of Non GMO livestock feed with the capability to create custom mixes with a minimum order.   

Happy Rooster at Hugelland Non GMO Feed.

Did you know...

More than 90% of the corn and soybeans grown in the US have been genetically modified. Hügelland Feed offers a high quality alternative to conventional livestock feed. 

Livestock at Hugelland Non GMO Feed

The Hügelland Feed Difference

  • HÜGELLAND NON GMO FEED: No genetically modified grains are used in our facility which is dedicated to making Non-GMO livestock feed and chicken feed.
  • CERTIFIED: At-risk grains are supplier certified Non-GMO and tested prior to acceptance at Hügelland’s Mill Facility.
  • SOY-FREE: No soybeans or soybean products are ever used in Hügelland’s Feed.
  • NO ANTIBIOTICS OR HORMONES: No hormones or medication. Hügelland’s feeds are formulated for the optimal health of the animal without using antibiotics, hormones or medication. All complete feeds contain a unique combination of probiotics and natural fibers which promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria to maintain a healthy gut and desirable micro flora balance. Phytase enzymes improve the digestive process and reduce phosphorus excretion.
  • ALL NATURAL NUTRITION: All Hügelland Feed contain the essential minerals, vitamins and trace minerals to keep animals healthy.  Essential oils and herbs promote natural antioxidant, antimicrobial and antifungal activity. In addition, our feed contain up to 8 different nutritious grains and seeds.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEE: All Hügelland feed is manufactured in our mill facility. We are not a broker and do not have any of our feed mixed in an outside facility which could be contaminated with GMOs. We personally look in every bag that leaves our mill to make sure it is the highest possibly quality. The benefit for you is a healthier animal and more nutritious food! 


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